Prayers for everyone in the path of hurricane Mathew. Hoping everyone stays safe and property damage is kept to a minimum.

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Get ready for winter

Now is the time to start thinking of getting your home ready for winter! Remember to service your heating system, clean out the gutters and make sure the downspouts are away from the house at least 6 feet. We have been doing inspections in Dutchess county, Orange county, Westchester and Putnam, even going to the Bronx!!! Another inportant item is to make sure your chimneys and fireplaces have been cleaned and are in good shape for the cold winter nights!!

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New Year!

Good bye to 2012 and welcome 2013! Last year was a good year for us as we saw a 27% increase in home inspections from the year before. This year my son Frank Jr. will again be doing home inspections for us as we look to grow our company to the next level. We grew even in a rough market because we treat people like they are family. We go the extra mile and thououghly inspect their homes like we are buying it ourselves. This year we will be adding more technology and additional training to add to our already industry leading standards. We will continue to inspect homes in Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, and Columbia counties. We take pride in what we do and wish everyone a Happy and Blessed New Year!

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Happy Thanksgiving

To everyone of my family, friends, and clients I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you all every day!!

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Hurricane Sandy

Prayers go out to all those effected by hurricane Sandy. Should anyone have any questions about drying out your basements, mold prevention, mold clean up, roof or attic repairs feel free to call A Closer Look Home inspections. We will be happy to help wherever we can Rockland, Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, Ulster and Orange counties especially.

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Here comes the heat!

With the warm summer months upon us we are finding that A/C systems are not preforming properly. The temperature between the return vent and the supply should be approximately 18 degrees difference. Make sure all shrubs are trimmed away from the air conditioning condenser and that the condenser is sitting on a level surface.. the insulation on the A/C lines should also be checked to make sure it’s not deteriorating. Regular servicing, and charging the freeon will help your air conditioner function more effeciently.

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Bee careful

With the arrival of spring and the warmer weather now is the time bees start to build their nests. I have been finding them on home inspections in Dutchess county, and Orange county in exterior outlet boxes, behind shutters,under railings and in gutters. They are not yet ready to start biting as they seem a bit lethargic, so if you see them you may want to start preventitive measures. Real estate professionals be carefull when hiding keys or locking lock boxes on railings.

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Orange county Home Inspections

11 Home inspections done this week, most of them in orange County NY. APPEARS THAT THE MARKET IS MOVING A BIT AS WE INSPECTED QUITE A FEW HIGHER END HOMES. This is a good sign!! I’m happy to also announce my son Franko is now doing his own inspections and doing quite well!
Thank you to all the realtors and real estate professionals who are recommending us to their clients.

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BPI Building Analyst

My certification is now official. I have added the difficult title of BPI Building analyst to my list of credentials.
Now not only can you get a really thouough inspection in NY , but now you can get an energy audit at the same time!!!!

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BPI Certified Energy Auditor

I have just completed 2 days of testing under video tape for my BPI energy auditor certification. This enables me to do energy audits and show people how to save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills. This is a must have inspection for any homeowner, landlord, or business owner. Call for details and learn how to save money now!!

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