Commercial Inspections

Types of commercial buildings inspected include the following:

■ Apartment buildingsimages

■ Office buildings

■ Warehouses

■ Restaurants

■ Strip malls

■ Convenience stores

■ Medical/professional

■ Churches

■ Unusual: ranches, bed-and-breakfast inns, mixed use buildings

Our Standard Commercial Building Inspection includes a complete and

comprehensive visual inspection of the building’s construction from top to bottom

and investigates the following:

■ Roof condition and life expectancy
■ Gutter drainage systems

■ Structural and exterior walls

■ Foundation and concrete slabs

■ Windows, Doors

■ Heating Systems

■ Electrical panels and wiring

■ Plumbing fixtures and piping

■ Air conditioning equipment & Duct work
■ Stairs, entrances and exits

■ Existing tenant improvements

■ Walkways, parking & drives

■ Landscape, site grading & drainage

■ Individual apartment inspection

■ Mold inspection

■ Infra red camera scans

You will receive a written narrative and Summary Report, that will describe in

detail, all of the significant concerns or defects that were noted during the

inspection and include digital photos.

We want our clients to know what risks and exposures are involved when they

are investing in a commercial property.

The Bottom Line – This report will provide you with the professional opinions,

facts and information you will need to make an informed decision about the

subject property.