Damp Basements

A wet or damp basement is a problem but there are ways to control the problem. As warm air rises in your home it travels to the upper floors and then to the exterior. This is known as the “stack effect”. Whatever air quality problems exist in the basement will also be found in the upper floors because of the stack effect. Problems such as the distribution of mold spores and other allergens, moisture damaged wood members and flooring, moldy musty odors, condensation issues in the attic space, increased utility bills, and condensation on the interior of the windows in the home are some of the problems that are caused by a wet or damp basement. Make sure to seal any cracks in the basement floor, and walls. Downspouts should be extended away from the foundation. Cold water pipes need to be insulated to prevend condensation and lastly, use a dehumidifier.

Posted by Frank Muscente

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