Pre- Listing Inspections

If you are considering selling your home you should also consider having it inspected by a professional home inspector.  Having your home inspected before putting it on the market can save you tons of money and stress, how?   Consider this: You have your home inspected to find out if there are any issues before putting it on the market. This allows you to either fix the problems or have the house priced accordingly. Every day when I leave an inspection the homeowner gets a list of items the buyer requests to either have fixed or they ask for  money off the selling price. It is much easier to have your contractor fix the problems if any,  or do the repairs yourself ,rather than have the buyers contractor give an inflated  price for negotiation purposes.

On many inspections we come across mold issues that the homeowners are unaware  exist.  Mold is one of the topics that get buyers worried and raise red flags.  In some cases they will ask for expensive air samples and when they fail, they will have mold remediators come in to evaluate the problem and give estimates. In most cases mold repairs will be in the thousands. If the house was inspected first, the homeowner would be able to make the necessary repairs BEFORE panic sets in and save themsalves alot of money.

Bottom line is if you plan to sell your  house have it professionally inspected by A Closer Look Home Inspections first.  We see what most other inspectors can’t!!

Posted by Frank Muscente

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