How to choose a home inspector.

Every day I get calls asking what is included in a home inspection and what is the cost.  Every home inspector is different each has his or her own level of expertise and experience. I always tell my potential clients to ask alot of questions. Find out how long the inspector has been in business , is he full time or part time. What type of equipment does he use. Does he have the latest technology like we do, Infra Red cameras, moisture meters etc… ?   Or does he walk around with just a flashlight and a pad and pen? Is he or she insured?

Other questions can be what type of report do I get and when do I get it? Our reports are burnt on a CD Disc and include digital photos. My clients get their report on site no waiting! Others are given check sheets or may have to wait several days for their report. Do you have to pay extra for things like  termite inspections, water tests, septic tests, radon tests once you get there?

Cost should be the last thing asked, not the first. I heard a saying once that makes so much sense. ” Price is only an issue in the absence of value”  Or simply put you get what you pay for!!

Beware of the cheaper priced inspectors, usually you are giving up something. Buying a home is the most expensive decision you will make. Dont skimp out and choose  a cheap home inspector. The results of this decision could be disastarous!!!!

Posted by Frank Muscente

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