Crawlspaces and Moisture problems

This week I have inspected a few homes with crawlspaces. One thing they all had in common was they all had moisture and mold issues. Here are a few tips on how to kepp your crawlspace clean and dry.

1) Clean your gutters and make sure your downspouts extent at least 5 feet away from your foundation walls. We need to keep rain water away from our homes. The average roof will deposit 1,000 gallons of water during a 1 inch rainstorm. The water will find its way into your crawlspace if you don’t direct it away.

2)Make sure that your landscaping does not slope towards the house. The soil should fall away from your home. The structure can have damage due to water entering along the side of the foundation and freezing in cold winter months.

3)Ventilate your crawlspace! Don’t forget to open those vents you closed in the winter. Remember, a crawlspace needs a minimum of 1 square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of crawlspace floor area.

4) Insulation installed upside down. In an non heated crawlspace the paper side of the insulation needs to be against the heated sub floor, not faced into the crawlspace.  When it faces down it has a tendancy to trap moisture between the insulation and the sub floor causing mold.

5) If you have a sump pum installed make sure it is in operating condition and has a battery back up in case the power goes out. Make sure the water discharges away from the house and not into a sewer or septic system.

Hopefully by following some of these tips you will be able to keep your crawlspace clean and dry this year.

Posted by Frank Muscente

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