Fireplace safety

With the cooler months right around the corner , now is a good time to go over fireplace safety.

First have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a chimney specialist. Clear the area around the hearth of any debris, decorations and other flamable materials. Make sure to open the flue!! Always use metal mesh screens with fireplaces. Leave glas doors open on fireplaces. Keep the air inlets clear on wood stoves and also fireplaces. Make sure to use fire resistant materials around wood stoves.

When starting a fire try to use hardwood instead of pine and other soft materials. A great thing to do before starting a fire is to open the damper and start the draft. We want the air moving up the chimney  before we start burning!! This is easly done by getting a hairdryer and blowing hot air up the chimney .  After you are done with that you can start burning. When you are done leave the damper OPEN!! When you are sure there are no ambers lit you can close the damper, usually the next day.   Be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector plugged in next to to the fireplace and on the wall outlet closest to the floor.

Hopefully this will help you enjoy your fireplace or wood stove this season!

Posted by Frank Muscente

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